Dates Times and Prices: Credit cards accepted


Kids 3 years of age and under: FREE
Regular Season Everyone: $10
Mid-season Kids$13
Mid-season Adults:$11 (Ages 18 and over)
Active Military/First Responder/Senior Rates(ages 65 and older): $9 Show respective ID at admissions

Season Pass: $32 Buy a season pass and come back as many times as you like through Oct. 31st.  With this years season pass you will get free pony rides and face paintings Friday through Sunday.  ID must be presented at admissions.

Pumpkins are sold separately unless you are in a group

Group/Birthday rates: Regular season - $9, Mid Season - $10 with a  small pumpkin available for groups of 15 or more.  The 10×20 party tent is available for a $50 reservation fee and on a first reserve priority for reservations so Reserve Now.

For our flyer click Here

Schools:  $7.50 with a  small pumpkin. Pricing is reduced for school and scout groups to $7.50 per child for the play area and Maze.  Title 1 that would like to can choose our Johnny Pumpkinseed style “Venetucci” inspired pumpkin visit.  Check our teacher page for more information.  Daycare, public school and homeschool groups must be at least 10 children.   For more information on Teacher options and to see our Teachers curriculum info on Pumpkins and Pumpkin Farming click HERE

Other:  Concessions, Facepainting*, Pony Rides*, and Pumpkins are sold separately.
Pumpkins sold separately in varying sizes.  Prices $2.50 to $12

(*On select days Friday through Sunday and some Thursdays in mid-October)

Included with Admission:

  • Farm Animals petting area – pony, alpaca, goat, sheep, chickens, duck, geese, and turkey

  • 30 foot Jumping Pad

  • Human Foosball

  • Outdoor Large games (Jenga, Checkers, 4-way Checkers, and Tic-Tac-Toe)

  • More Tube swings

  • 80 ft Straw Slides for children of all age

  • Large Straw Bale Pyramid

  • Steer Head Roping

  • Small kids Maze

  • Duck Races

  • Face painting & Pony Rides (Friday-Sunday)* Sold separately

  • Gourd target practice with standup launchers

  • Tractor “hayrides” through our “Colorado Wildlife Safari”

  • 1940s and 1950s restored International Tractors

  • Farm Animals petting area – pony, goat, sheep, alpaca, llama, chickens, duck, turkey and our new faux milking cows

  • Kids’ Corn Box

  • Outdoor Laser Tag (Thursday-Sunday)

  • Bronco training camp – see how good you really are

No Pets Please

Also Available for Sale:

  • Concessions

  • Homemade pumpkin butter and jellies

Colorado Pumpkin Patch Wear:  Shirts, Sweats and Hoodies

***SNOW, Sleet, Rain, Wind or Low temps in the 30s can all be reasons for closure. If we have a passing shower we will temporarily hold operations, but stay open. We will post on the Facebook and/or this website if closed. Call us to check if you have any questions.***

Current Weather @ Northern El Paso location 



Come join us on our Family Farm only 40 mins from South Denver and 20 mins north of the Springs

Click here for directions: 18065 Saddlewood Road Monument CO 80132

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From 1-25 take Hwy 105 or from East Colorado Springs take Hwy 83 to Hwy 105



Welcome Teachers and Groups

For our flyer click Here

At the Colorado Pumpkin Patch, we want your class to have a wonderful outdoor experience! We are prior teachers ourselves and have many years of experience working with kids and kids programs.  Let us help you justifying an educational trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Below are several ideas for curriculums that our Patch experience can support, along with fun pumpkin facts and web page links.

Admission for Groups: Each child  with a school group gets an admission rate of $7.50 and receives a small pumpkin with admission. The coordinating teacher receives a FREE admission and a FREE pumpkin.  Additional chaperons will have an admission of $3.  Any other teachers/chaperons/parents/siblings that want a pumpkin may enter at  the group rate.

Johnny Pumpkin Seed: The program was inspired by the Venetucci family and will provide pumpkins to Special Education/Special Needs kids, kids that qualify as disadvantaged and Foster kids at no cost. Contact us for more information.

***SNOW policy will follow District 38 during the week for delay and closure.  Call us for more details.***

Agriculture: A science SOL requirement is to link the products found in the grocery store to their  agricultural “roots.” While you are at the Patch, you can talk to the  kids about growing pumpkins from seed.

Animals: Our farm friendly animals are there for you to pet and talk to. We keep sheep wool available for you to touch and feel the lanolin within the wool. It is ungreased wool, which means that we have not cleaned it or processed it. Also, we have  placed decoys along our tractor ride so that the kids can have the  opportunity to “spot” North American wildlife on our “North American Safari” tractor rides.


Pilgrim Pumpkins – A member of the squash family, the pumpkin is a Native American vegetable. Pumpkins were plentiful during the time of the Pilgrims, who had a little rhyme describing just how many pumpkins they had:

We have pumpkins at morning and pumpkins at noon, If it were not for pumpkins, We would soon be undone!

Pumpkin Facts -The Atlantic Giant pumpkin seed that was created in Nova Scotia can produce a pumpkin that weighs 400 pounds. The record breaking weight of an Atlantic Giant is 821 pounds. This is as much as a small cow and is enough to make 400 pumpkin pies.

There once were so many pumpkins in New England that the city of Boston  was nicknamed “Pumpkinshire.”

In the 1800’s Irish immigrants to America brought this story about Jack of the Lantern. The legend says that Jack was a greedy man, so stingy that  he couldn’t get into Heaven. And, he played so many tricks on people that the Devil wouldn’t take him either. So, Jack was forced to walk around until Judgment Day looking for a resting place. He stuffed a lighted piece of coal into a turnip to use as a lantern to see by. As the years went by, Americans began using a pumpkin instead of a turnip for Jack’s lantern –  and now we have Jack-o-lanterns to light our way!

The First Pumpkin Pie: The Pilgrims invented the pumpkin pie. They baked the pumpkin in the ashes of a fire. When it was cooked, they removed the top  and added honey and maple syrup to the warm pumpkin inside. Mmm-mmm good!

Other Ideas: Puzzling Pumpkins: See how many words you can create out of the words PUMPKIN PATCH. See what your record is.

Cooking: Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Raisin Cookies or Maple Pumpkin Cookies; Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Butter, Pumpkin Seeds (roasted or fried), Pumpkin Snack Chips, Pumpkin Waffles or Pancakes, Fried Pumpkin Flowers, and always, Pumpkin Soup! Yummy!

Web Page Links:  

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Pilgrims - AtoZmoreteacherstuff

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