Bulk Pumpkins

Order by phone, email or online

If you’re looking to purchase pumpkins in bulk at wholesale prices please review the options below and order by email (preferred)or call us (719-799-6708) to place the order. If emailing include size selection, date and time of delivery or pickup, location, and name and contact #.  Any area pickups will be confirmed by phone and may be 1 to 3 days to fill. Any orders being shipped will be confirmed and take from 1-5 days or have a delivery day arranged. For shipments, off-loading will be the responsibility of the buyer to have equipment or personnel onsite to remove bulk shipments from the truck or trailer. Of course, we will help as much as possible.

We have a standard “No return policy” for delivered produce. Ask about discounts when buying 4 or more bins

Bulk Pumpkin Options

  • Pie/Small Pumpkins x100 – $300

  • Medium-Small pumpkins (Volleyball size, best value) x80 – $240

  • Medium-Large pumpkins (Basketball size) x50 – $225

  • Large pumpkin (Beach ball size) x30 (check for stock on short notice) – $225

  • Mixed Pie/Small & Medium-Small pumpkins x90 – $270

  • Mixed Pie/Small & Medium-Large pumpkins x60 – $240

  • Mixed Medium Small & Medium Large pumpkins x40 – $225

  • Mixed Pumpkin Large-Medium-Small x60 – $225

  • Mixed bin of specialty pumpkins x50 (check for stock on short notice) – $380

  • Delivery up to 50 miles – $75

  • Delivery up to 100 – $125

  • Delivery 100+ miles – Check with us at the patch